My name in lights … or adhesive vinyl anyway

Well, progress on the studio has been slow-going as I work to get everything else in order, but Julie and I took a big step forward this morning, getting the signs up in the windows! Now you can’t drive by the corner of 9th and Elm without seeing my logo! Once again, Julie’s iPhone proved indispensable.

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Landis + Eddie :: Engaged

What a fun couple! I’m really looking forward to this wedding. These two put up with some serious heat to get this engagement session done, and it was totally worth it! Thanks guys! Can’t wait for next summer! Hopefully it’s a little cooler by then.

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Just when I find myself thinking, “What could possibly be harder than trying to build a studio and rebuild a website at the same time?” one thing comes to mind. (Okay, let’s be honest, a lot of things come to mind. But stick with me…) Raising twins! As I’ve been trying to re-upload all my old work that the hackers forced me to delete, I came across these recent photos of Katie and Bob’s twins. A truly adorable duo they are, but quite the handful I’m sure. So a belated congrats and best wishes to Katie and Bob!

I thought these photos also serve as a great reminder of how your own home can make a great shooting location. Sure, I’m working on my big fancy studio, but I don’t want anyone to think that means I’ll stop making house calls. With a little creativity, any place can be a great studio!

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Finding our place in the world…

More specifically, our place in the world is at 824 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. That’s right, the downtown location officially exists! I have to fight the urge to say something like “We’re in business!” because I’ve been in this business for 3-4 years now, or something like “We’re open!” because there’s still a lot of work to do before the studio will officially be “open.” BUT, progress is being made! Steps are going forward! Awesomeness is coming together!

Now, I managed to forget the cameras at home when I went down to get the keys yesterday, but Julie’s iPhone made a serviceable substitute for some preview shots of the new space. Check it out!

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I’m back!

Well, whaddaya know?! I’ve finally got the website back up and running after getting taken over by virus/hacker/phisher/fisher? types — I don’t know. Whatever you true nerds want to diagnose the problem as. I just take pretty pictures. This computer security thing is beyond me. Hopefully the kinks have been worked out. The ability to comment is temporarily suspended until I can feel assured that it is safe to open that up. So, basically if you come to this blog, you’re stuck with what I have to say, and that’s about it. Oh, and the pretty pictures. Hopefully this’ll be in full swing in a couple days!

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